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What is the difference?

Arena have a range of products and accessories but do you know the difference between them? This blog features some of the more popular accessories, how to use them and what the difference actually is.

  • Swim Snorkel, Swim Snorkel Small and Swim Snorkel Pro.

The original arena swim snorkel has a one way purge system meaning no water inhalation. It features a super soft hypoallergenic silicone mouth piece and helps you to focus on your stroke without turning your head to breathe. The fixed headband and centred construction for maximum stability whereas the swivel head makes it easy to breathe and talk to coach between drills.

The arena swim snorkel small has the same features as the original swim snorkel but comes in a smaller size making it suitable for junior training.

The arena swim snorkel pro promotes extra breathing workout and improves your technique. The pro features two mouthpieces to fit all swimmers and two small top holes for different levels of lungs work out. A fixed headband and centred constructions gives the swimmer maximum stability. The pro is ideal for advanced swimmers and fin-swimming,

  • Powerfin and Powerfin Pro

The arena Powerfin helps to develop a stronger, faster and more efficient kick. The Powerfins have a short blade for high power kick frequency and are made from 100% long life silicone for maximum comfort and reduced chance of blisters. Available in UK sizes 1-11.5 and colours black, lime and pink, there’s a pair of Powerfins for every swimmer.

The arena Powerfin Pro gives a faster kick up with full power on down-kick and more control. The fins feature an inclined short blade for maximum forward thrust and high frequency kick. There are special notches on bottom ribs for faster kicks and side rails for better control. Each fin is customised for left and right foot with open heels for maximum flexibility.

The Powerfin and Powerfin Pro work well with the arena Swim Snorkel Pro and arena Swim Keel.

  • Pull Kick and Pull Kick Pro- arena exclusives!

A must-have training aid is the arena pull kick; it works as a pullbuoy and a kickboard giving you less to carry to your 4am training sessions. The pull kick allows multiple hand positions and gives comfortable support as a kickboard. The asymmetric shape gives a perfect fit and feel as a pullbuoy. The lightweight and soft foam eradicates the chance of any skin irritation and makes it easy to carry.

The pull kick pro also works as both a kickboard and pullbuoy with limited floatation and a streamlined grip for extra workout. The pull kick pro is small, lightweight, practical and simple to handle. It helps to improve core stabilisation for advanced swimmers.

  • Cobra and Cobra Ultra Goggles

The original Cobra goggles are suitable for those faithful to the classic arena Cobra design or that was to join the Cobra line at an appealing price. They feature hard lenses, interchangeable nose bridges and a dual strap making them fit any swimmer perfectly. Also available is the Cobra Mirror.

The Cobra Ultra goggles similarly feature hard lenses, interchangeable nose bridges and dual straps but have a different design and shape for the original Cobra. The Cobra Ultras are the most advanced arena racing goggles available and come in a variety of colours allowing you to feel your best and look your best. Also available with Mirrored lenses.

  • Vortex Evolution Hand Paddles and Elite Hand Paddles

The arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddles provide maximum water resistance to improve your strength and technique. It features contouring for a natural, secure and comfortable fit with multiple strap positioning making them easy to wear. The hand paddles assist with stroke technique (catch and pull) bringing to surface bad habits allowing you to fix them. Available in pink, lime and black and sizes M-L.

The Elite Hand Paddles have a flat design allowing you to better control the water entry and improve your technique. The hand paddles feature multiple strap positioning makes them easy to wear and assist with stroke technique allowing you to improve.

So you’ve got your kit, now you’re going to have to find a way to carry it around. arena have a large range of bags including the Fastpack 2.1, Spiky 2 Backpacks, Fast Mesh and various hold-alls.

Fastpack 2.1

  • 40x35x55cm (45Litre)
  • Mesh inserts
  • Ventilation for moisture control
  • Extremely robust
  • Large enough to fit a kickboard

Spiky 2 Backpacks

  • Large 35x23x49cm (40Litre)
  • Standard 48x20x32cm (30Litre)
  • Ventilation for moisture control
  • Fits all swimming gear
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Mesh insert
  • Ideal for shoes and sandals

Fast Mesh

  • 45x65cm
  • Can be used in water
  • Can be carried as a backpack
  • Can carry all swimming accessories
  • Strong nylon mesh
  • Comfortable webbing straps

Spiky 2 Hold-Alls (Small and Medium)

  • Small 44x22x25cm (25Litres)
  • Medium 51x23x26cm (32Litres)
  • Mesh inserts
  • Large main compartment
  • Large shoulder strap
  • Fits all swimming gear
  • Easy to wear and grab
  • Suitable for activities other than swimming (e.g. overnight bag)
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