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  1. Another Athlete Joins the Team
    May 31, 2018

    Another Athlete Joins the Team

    Solosports, the UK & Ireland distributors of arena swimwear & equipment, are delighted to announce the signing of Conor Ferguson on a personal kit contract.

    18yr old Conor is the current World Junior Championships silver medalists in the 100m backstroke and produced some tremendous swims at the Commonwealth Games in Australia this April where he represented Northern Ireland.

    arena UK  ambassador, Allan Thornton, commented, "we are very excited to be able to support Conor, who is one of the brightest stars of world junior swimming and a great prospect for Irish Swimming".

    More info coming soon!

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  2. Slateman Triathlon Race Report
    May 29, 2018

    Slateman Triathlon Race Report

    While the Slateman Triathlon is still a relatively early season event I had done some good, specific preparation for it and in the days before the race, I was raring to go! The invaluable, helpful team around me had all assisted in the preparation leading to me feeling very ready to go. Obviously, firstly my coach Rodge with specific training sessions to prepare for the course and planning a group recce for the event a few weeks ago. In addition I'd borrowed a disc wheel from a friend (cheers Ben!), the legend that is Pete Jepson had fettled my bike to be in top condition, I'd got my Arena wetsuit, goggles and new Fast Tri Bag thanks to Solo Sports, I'd had a massage with the one and only Jane in Longridge earlier in the week and I travelled down to North Wales on the Saturday with my Mum to stay with family who live about 30 minutes away from Llanberis. Everything had been put in to place to give my best performance and hopefully be right up there fighting for the wi

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  3. Open Water Triathalon Tips - Beau Smith
    May 17, 2018

    Open Water Triathalon Tips - Beau Smith

    It's that time of year again when event organisers deem the British open water venues to be warm enough to host races - it's unlikely to be warm though! If you're taking on your first open water triathlon, what can you do to prepare? 

    The first thing you'll need is a swimming specific wetsuit, rather than a 'shorty' or sailing type wetsuit. Thanks to support from Solo Sports, I use the fantastic Arena Carbon Tri Wetsuit which offers buoyancy, great flexibility around the shoulders and a reverse rear zip for a quick transition. The most important thing is to get a wetsuit that fits you - too big, small or tight and you will have reduced movement for swimming and may feel constricted and struggle to breathe normally. On the other hand, with a wetsuit that's too big, you'll have water flushing through with every stroke which can be cold and unpleasant, not to mention create extra drag. It's worth trying on a s

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  4. Brand New Partnership
    April 30, 2018

    Brand New Partnership

    arena UK is pleased to announce the signing of Plymouth Leander Swimming Club to the arena team.

    Over the years, Plymouth Leander has nurtured swimmers at every level – from youngsters starting out to Olympic and World Champions. They have grown in size and reputation but strive to develop and encourage grass roots swimming as well as elite performance.

    We look forward to working with Plymouth Leander and helping to maintain this level of achievement.


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  5. Race report - West Lancs Triathlon 2018
    April 13, 2018

    Race report - West Lancs Triathlon 2018

    Sunday 8th April

    "The West Lancs Triathlon is one of the earliest triathlons in the area and the impressive, modern campus of Edge Hill University was a great location to kick off my 2018 multisport season. I recently returned from a week-long warm weather training camp in Mallorca with Racepace where I was able to get some good sessions in across all three disciplines as well as put my Arena Carbon Triathlon Wetsuit to the test. Back in the UK and with some specific sessions for this event completed I was raring to go! 

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  6. A Big Welcome to Our Newest Triathlete- Beau Smith
    February 05, 2018

    A Big Welcome to Our Newest Triathlete- Beau Smith

    Exciting news…….

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  7. What is the difference?
    October 13, 2016

    What is the difference?

    Arena have a range of products and accessories but do you know the difference between them? This blog features some of the more popular accessories, how to use them and what the difference actually is.

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  8. Too Hot To Work Out? We’ve got you covered
    October 05, 2016

    Too Hot To Work Out? We’ve got you covered

    Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or autumn, if you’re an athlete, gym lover, yogi, runner or whoever else you’re going to want to work out. Exercise is an important thing and you won’t want to miss out just because it’s a bit too warm.

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  9. Blog from Open Water
    September 09, 2016

    Blog from Open Water

    Standing on the sandy Copacabana beach with a crowd of both coaches and spectators waiting behind a fence line, I watched the elite swimmers looking surprisingly relaxed in the shade waiting to be called into the water.  Strong winds and surf had only recently destroyed the start and feeding pontoons.   But the weather and conditions for was good and the excitement was building amongst the gathering crowds.  I’m sure everyone reading this would have seen the races.  Both were exciting, and while I personally feel that OWS still needs to work on its presentation to the outside world, but having a clearer view of the swimmers, communicating to spectators and media why penalties happen straight away and having more TV commentators who actually know about the sport.  But these are small things and the events were thrilling. 

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